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The SportShock 4 is a shock absorber reserved for competition

It is a tri-tube low pressure gas volume compensator damper, even easier to adjust than the SportShock 3. The rebound settings (high and low speed) do not influence the compression settings (high and low speed)
So there is less compromise in the settings, which account 26 clicks.

Another advantage of the tri-tube system at low gas pressure is to keep the stability during the temperature variation unlike emulsion models and high pressure canister damper type.

The springs will be chosen on a case by case basis.

The cartridge kit is designed to replace internal fork parts to improve performance. The kit contains two cartridges, two springs, two fork plugs with adjustments and assembly instructions. This assembly allows 3 points of front-end adjustment:

  • Spring preload
  • Compression hydraulics
  • Rebound hydraulics

The cartridge kit features adjustable rebound and compression hydraulics, with one fork arm controlling rebound (R for Rebound) and the other controlling compression (C for Compression).

The 3mm CHC recess on the fork plugs features 4 turns of adjustment, allowing you to set the speed of fork movement in compression and rebound.

The spring preload on the cartridge kit is set using the hexagonal recess and a 17mm wrench. Changing spring preload influences vehicle height and, consequently, ground clearance. The result is less heeling and improved handling.

The springs are selected by EMC according to the general load conditions specified by the customer.

The kit can be installed by our technicians. Contact us to find out more.

Levelling control option

This option allows to settle the length of the shock absorber. With this additional regulation, you have the possibility of changing the height of the machine, without affecting the regulation of the spring, to influencing on the geometry of the machine and so managing the handiness, the stability and the ground clearance. Two flat wrenches are enough for changing the height of the machine.

Hydraulic preload option

This option replaces the traditional method of spring setting by a hydraulic system. A thumb setting wheel taken up on the frame, or in certain cases directly on the shock absorber, the control the prestressed of the spring. This way of setting is very useful on a motorcycle of tourism to pass of a state of load in an other one as well as in competition to save time of development during the tries and in race during pitstops.

SPORTSHOCK 4 suspension pack


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