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Warning: Our shock absorbers are developed to be mounted on original suspension arms only.



The GP4R is a twin-tube high pressure gas shock absorber with a cylinder.

It has a progressive hydraulic end-of-stroke compression stop.

It is adjustable for high and low speed rebound (2 knobs) and high and low speed compression (2 knobs) over a wide range of use and provides more comfort and traction. Each setting is completely independent.

The factory setting of the hydraulic knobs is positioned at mid-range, ie on the 13th click out of a total of 26. Each knob has a screwdriver recess in its center to facilitate adjustment if necessary.

The height of the frame and the negative are adjusted with the spring preload by a nut / locknut system.

The springs as well as the hydraulic characteristics are chosen by EMC according to the general state of load and the use indicated by the customer.

The shock absorber is delivered pre-adjusted and ready to install.

The GP4R is intended for endurance, intensive cross-country, competition, rally-raid use.

GP4R shock absorber double spring (mono)


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